We exist to empower women

We at Take believe that every woman should feel empowered to get the most out of every moment she takes for herself.

We create high quality products that are designed for women’s unique bodies. We expertly combine feminine silhouettes, fabrics and colors that will empower you to unleash your fiercest self wherever your fitness journey takes you.



We donate 5% of every sale to support the fight for gender equality across the world, because one woman's fight is every woman's fight. 

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Limited Quantity

Order your dream mini band set now

Mini Band Set - Take

Our beautiful fabric resistance bands come with custom anti-slip grip stitching that will help you crush any full body workout with ease. Great for lower body works as well as upper body resistance workouts. No more uncomfortable rubber bands that roll/slip/pinch during use. This set comes with three resistance band levels to ensure you keep progressing with every workout.

Product Details:

- Soft cotton elastic material

- Custom anti-slip grip stitching

- Hand washable, lay flat to dry

- Measurements: 13" x 3"

The Classic Glove - Take

Meet 'The Classic' fitness glove with built-in wrist support for women. These were designed to be ultra form-fitting and flexible to support you through your most difficult deadlifts or downward dogs. We recommend these gloves for weightlifting, crossfit, and for any gym workout that requires a little extra wrist support. 

Key Product Features:

  • Fingerless slim-fit design using 4-way stretch for added comfort & flexibility  
  • Adjustable wrist wrap for stability & support
  • Soft vegan suede on palm to protect skin while allowing you to still feel the bar/grip when lifting
  • Breathable & dry wicking 
  • Includes custom storage/wash bag for convenience 
  • Machine wash in bag or spot clean with cold water. To dry, remove from bag and lay flat.